We offer qualified railway services within all infrastructure technology areas, where we undertake everything from new building work to operation and maintenance. The forms of contract we work under vary and can take the form of consultancy services, pure construction contracts or turnkey contracts with functional sourcing.

Our employees have extensive experience of the rail industry and we have special dispensation from the Swedish Transport Agency to operate our work vehicles on busy tracks. We can also offer personnel training in railway security.

Operation and maintenance
We work under various forms of contract in the field of operation and maintenance. Here our work can range from minor troubleshooting to more extensive functional undertakings, where preventive maintenance represents an important part of the work to ensure high reliability within the rail infrastructure.

We have established contingency chains for our troubleshooting work that can address emergency faults at short notice within all technology areas, including track, signalling, electrical/aerial lines and telecommunications. In the winter snow-clearing standby resources play an important role in ensuring that platforms are accessible and that tracks and points remain clear. In most cases we have accident scene officers (OPAs) on standby whose primary function is to make the accident scene safe for the emergency services and passengers in the event of any incident.

Preventive work is based on maintenance and safety inspections and audits laid down in official regulations. In contracts with functional responsibility we also use enhanced analysis of inspection records and fault statistics in order to be able to take appropriate status-raising measures. The purpose of this is to achieve and maintain a high standard on the rail infrastructure, which minimises the number of faults that affect trains. This results in lower costs for emergency troubleshooting, but above all ensures a highly reliable infrastructure.

On the contract side we take on both pure construction contracts and turnkey contracts in one or more technology areas. More often than not turnkey contractors cover all technology areas, i.e. ground, tracks, electrical/aerial lines, signals and telecommunications.

Pure construction contracts can involve new building work, reconstruction or renovation of tracks, points, electric power, aerial lines and signalling systems. Other work often performed on an hourly-rate basis includes audits of points or aerial lines, inspections and all types of welding work.

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