We are experts in the maintenance, operation and new production of lighting systems. We have extensive experience and advanced knowledge about the function of lighting in public and industrial environments.

We plan, project and build new and cost-efficient outdoor systems and handle the operation and maintenance of existing installations. We always view the big picture in all individual assignments to ensure that the lighting installation in question is both reliable and cost-efficient.

Operation and maintenance
We have a number of operation and maintenance agreements with both large and small local authorities, where we take on full responsibility for the lighting installation. The agreement covers everything from inspection rounds and supervision to rapid response activities and renewal. We also provide our customers with access to our Web-based task management system.

We process and deal with acute disruptions to operations quickly through our network of emergency staff, who are ready to respond rapidly at any time of the day or night. By working proactively with maintenance, we can assure the functionality of the installation while simultaneously minimising the need for costly acute repairs.

New production and contracts
We carry out large and small lighting contracts – everything from simple fixture replacement for associations, to major renovation or new production projects in public environments. We work with complete contracts or as a subcontractor to major construction enterprises. We always take comprehensive responsibility for execution and we draw on our experience to assist project planners and building owners to choose the right lighting solution for their projects from the perspectives of both the environment and aesthetics.

Inventories of lighting installations
We carry out inventories, inspections, checks and documentation of fixtures.

  • Mapping fixtures, output and operating time for energy efficiency measures
  • Preparation of registers of lampposts – including post type and positioning
  • Inspection of metal and wooden posts
  • Preparation of maintenance plans for replacement and renewal

Traffic signals
An operation and maintenance agreement for traffic signals can comprise everything from supervision and inspection rounds to 24-hour monitoring and renovation. We have experience with – and in-depth understanding of – societal demands for traffic safety and practicability, and for high accessibility 24/7 all year round. We also carry out a range of efficiency improvements for our customers, including regular technical checks and optimised green light distribution.

Decorative lighting
Decorative lighting in public environments is becoming increasingly important to create more attractive and safer urban settings. We have extensive knowledge about decorative and effective lighting in tunnels, parks and historically valuable places, for example. This type of lighting can be used to showcase local architecture, special buildings and monuments. At the same time, it can help lighten the urban setting during the evening and night-time hours.

Our environmental responsibility
Using modern fixtures makes it possible almost to halve the environmental impact of lighting.  Thanks to our extensive skills and knowledge, we can always provide customers with an eco-friendly option. In addition, we always make sure to deal appropriately with material that has reached the end of its service life. We also strive continuously to develop our work methods to minimise transport involving heavy work vehicles.


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