Wind power

Our overall skill set in the field of local and regional grids, stations, remote and fibre optic communication and energy measurement creates a unique holistic concept for wind power.

We plan and build stations and production grids from wind farms to grid owners. We also provide maintenance, emergency response service and troubleshooting.

Infratek is with you from the very start of the project and is happy to help with the project planning. We deal with issues and contacts with regard to land settlement, requirements from the authorities and grid connections.

New wind farms are often built on new sites outside the existing electricity grid. We develop good, competitive solutions for reception stations. We not only build the internal grid on the wind farm site, but also lay the regional grid to connect with the existing network.

We can also handle security at the client’s installation with monitoring and smart access systems, and run remote surveillance from our own operation centre.

The cost-efficiency of a wind farm depends primarily on its condition. We work systematically with preventative and remedial maintenance to assure the functionality of the plant. At the same time, we help eliminate the need for costly acute repairs.

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