Safe switchgear operation

With our “Safe switchgear operation” concept, we maximise the accessibility of electric power via efficient operation and maintenance of high voltage installations. The concept is designed to avoid costly downtime and production delays at facilities of various types.

We provide different operation and maintenance agreements that guarantee regular inspection of our clients’ facilities to assure a safe, secure supply of electricity. The agreements are adapted to match the layout and utilisation of the facilities in question.

The authorities establish the responsibility for electricity plants and require the plant owner to appoint a person with responsibility for electricity operation. If an operator’s staff does not include an employee with the skills required, Infratek can take over responsibility for electricity operation involving, for example, high voltage switchgears, load interrupters, measuring cubicles, transformers, relay protectors and low voltage switches.

Our technicians and engineers are on call 24/7 and our own operation management centre is always staffed with technicians. We can also provide rapid spare parts delivery of standard components. Our service constitutes secure and inexpensive insurance against costly downtime and production delays.

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