Other products and services

In addition to our total deliveries, we can also deliver tailored products and services within different segments. 

Other products and services

Real-time information systems

Infratek delivers and installs real-time information systems for public transport at bus stops, tram stops and subway stations.

These are systems that provide real-time travel information for the travelers. As a supplier and installer of real-time information systems, we are providing travelers with high standard information at new or upgraded public transport infrastructure (stations/stops).

Mobile cable troubleshooting

Maintaining a better overview of the condition of cables makes it possible to keep operation and maintenance costs down. With our technology, we can, for example, perform advanced cable troubleshooting, measurements, voltage tests and cable jacket tests. Our equipment is ideal for high voltages and long cables.

We use our measurement bus for voltage levels in the 0.4–200 kV range. Because we can use our measurement bus for multiple voltage levels, we are flexible and have succeeded in building up a broad skills base in troubleshooting. Through our expertise in dealing with both low and high voltage faults, we can provide customers with comprehensive service.

Infratek employs engineers with specialist skills in using the measurement bus. They are used to working with advanced, critical installations and train continuously to keep their skills up to date. Our customers can therefore always be sure that our staff who use the measurement bus have been trained to do so and have extensive experience with the operation.

Infratek supplies a nationwide measurement bus service, and currently carries out more cable troubleshooting assignments in Sweden than any other provider. Our customer base is primarily made up of industrial operators and grid owners, but we also assist petrol stations and cooperatives, for example. In Norway, we have a measurement bus positioned in the Eastern Region, which we use to run cable tests and troubleshooting up to 33 kV.

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