Metering and control services

We provide correct and efficient energy measurement that saves both time and money. Our control services also include thermography and internal controls. 

We have extensive experience of energy measuring systems and understand the need for correct and cost-effective energy measurement. Our services include everything from configuration and installation to checks and fault rectification. We are always up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations, and we have the requisite accreditations and certifications.

Calibration laboratory
Infratek has two impartial laboratories for auditing, adjusting and calibrating electricity meters, one in Norway and one in Sweden. In Norway, services in this area are carried out by the department for electrical safety (in norwegian)

The laboratory in Sweden has been accredited by the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment (SWEDAC) and our two computer-controlled test machines can calibrate 20 meters at a time. We also have a manual testing bench for testing and calibrating special meters. In addition, we perform quality control checks on new electricity meters whereby a number of new meters from every delivery are removed and tested for measurement accuracy, quality and function.

Examples of our services
We are supplier-independent and our professional staff work systematically according to well-documented routines. This allows us to return results quickly and efficiently, regardless of the type of commission. We always comply with requirements from the authorities for electrical safety.

Examples of our measurement services:

  • Error correction
  • Installation and audit replacement of various meters
  • Meter checks and meter reading
  • Voltage checks
  • Electrical quality analyses
  • Checks on and measures for energy measurement equipment
  • Testing household meters

Internal controls and thermography
Infratek is a complete supplier of services in the field of internal controls and thermography. We have extensive experience in everything from power stations to more conventional installations. We have the certificates and reports necessary to allow us to perform all kinds of assignments.

We deliver everything from checks (verification) of electrical installations in housing co-operatives and businesses to internal control systems for electricity systems.

We work with thermography of all kinds of low and high voltage installations, from major inspection assignments on regional and distribution networks (involving helicopter operations) for grid owners, to traditional thermography of electricity systems at enterprises. In addition, we have extensive experience in thermography of buildings with the purpose of identifying ventilation problems, for example.

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