Live work

Live work is a method that helps eliminate downtime in the electricity grid. The method can be used for both operation and maintenance procedures, as well as in connection with the construction of electricity grids and facilities. 

Infratek is one of the leading providers of live work services in the Nordic region, and we have the skills and specialist equipment required to perform all kinds of work under voltage.

Why should our customers consider live work?
Many of the benefits with live work are self-evident, but there are a range of other advantages of which some of our customers may not be aware. 

CNDE Costs of non-delivered energy
Reputation   Customers do not appreciate power outages
System reliability Maintain full redundancy in the power grid
Minimise line losses Avoid connection configurations with major losses 
More efficient Some assignments can be completed more quickly

Isn’t it dangerous to work with voltage?
No, but it is understandable that when people hear about live work for the first time, they may be concerned about the risks involved.

Many live work fitters actually state that they feel safer when carrying out work under voltage, because they themselves have full control of all the risk factors. Statistics from a number of countries where live work is more widespread than in the Nordic Region also confirm that it is actually safer than working on disconnected installations.

What is dangerous is attempting to work without the appropriate training and knowledge, in an insecure manner and with the wrong equipment. This applies regardless of whether the work is carried out under voltage or on disconnected installations. However, if all the fundamental requirements are in place, the risks associated with live work are appropriately covered.

What types of live work assignments can Infratek handle?
Infratek is one of the leading providers of live work services in the Nordic region. Thanks to our highly skilled employees, specialist equipment and extensive experience, we have the capacity to take on a wide range of live work assignments, irrespective of terrain and access conditions.

Here are some of the live work we have completed in recent years:

Type of assignment

Voltage levels (kV)

Switch repositioning and cleaning


Pole replacement

10–24, 50, 220

Insulator replacement/extension

10–24, 66, 220, 300

Repairs to damaged system components

10–24, 50, 66

Installation of temperature sensors


Installation of OPGW

10–24, 50

Transformer replacement


Cable joining (low voltage only)



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