Central and regional grids

Our customers have access to our full range of skills and capacity on central and regional power grids in the Nordic region. We work across professional boundaries and national borders to provide customers with deliveries of the highest quality, and we can tailor our deliveries to match specific needs.

For central and regional grids we provide products and services for transformer stations, power cables and high voltage power lines. Infratek also provides a broad range of maintenance services. We are not linked to any specific equipment manufacturer and can therefore provide customers with the best possible solutions – irrespective of manufacturer.


Central And Regional Grid

Transformer stations

Infratek is a complete supplier in the construction of transformer stations, and contributes in all areas from the start of the design phase until commissioning. 

Transformer stations

We also do remodeling, expansion of existing transformer stations and testing. Infratek has specialist competence within transformer station maintenance, including renovation of stations as a supplement to standard maintenance services.


Infratek supplies project services for high voltage cables and has highly qualified staff to deal with jointing operations and terminations from leading manufacturers of cables and equipment up to 420 kV. 

For oil pressure cables and XLPE cables, we have great skills in both repair and maintenance. We also provide specialized services such as checks of oil quality, cable inspections and status checks.



Infratek is skilled in maintaining material from all the equipment suppliers who deliver to power-related critical infrastructure today. 


Our maintenance services include preventative maintenance and emergency response systems for power and transformer stations, as well as remotely controlled management systems. As part of our transformer station renovation concept, we also operate our own workshops for transformer station repairs and we provide advanced on-site maintenance. As such, we are able to offer grid owners a high level of reliability and uptime.

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