Presence - Job satisfaction - Movement

Our business philosophy is; We build, operate and maintain critical infrastructure. This video, recorded in Hvaler municipality December 23rd last year, reflects in a good way our core values - Presence, Job satisfaction and Movement.

The values shapes the culture and define the nature of our company. They provide guidance in how to behave and how to make decisions:

At Infratek, we work hard every day to ensure that we are present for and visible to our customers and colleagues. In other words, we are committed, focused and determined in everything we do.

Job satisfaction
As a work and skills-intensive company, we place great emphasis on job satisfaction. Our employees are our most important resource. We respect one another, encourage one another and have a great sense of humour. Our goal is to inspire our staff to achieve our shared objectives and to cultivate the unique.

In order to remain a competitive and efficient organisation, we have to be flexible, and our willingness to adapt and to embrace change must always be clearly visible.

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