HSE – part of Infratek's DNA

Infratek systematically addresses health, safety and the environment (HSE) issues and has a vision of zero personal injuries and harm to assets and the environment. “HSE is always the first item on my agenda. If we can keep on top of this, then we can keep on top of most things,” explains CEO Lars Bangen.

Infratek's customers are making increasingly stringent demands of our HSE deliverables. Too many injuries could disqualify us from tender processes. 

“However, this is a good thing, as it helps to embed HSE in our culture. All Infratek's managers pledge to take reporting of incidents seriously, just as each individual employee is responsible for HSE matters in their daily work. Infratek has a vision of zero injuries. We are not quite there yet, but are doing all we can to get there,” confirms Bangen


From left; Fitter Mats Torvik, chief employee representative Roger Andre Hansen, CEO Lars Bangen, head of quality and development Inge Alme and fitter Pål Høiden on safetywalk at department SørØst.


Safety first

As part of initiatives to optimise HSE, Infratek also has a dedicated Head of Quality and Development, Inge Alme, who has overarching responsibility for HSE across the Group.

“At Infratek we genuinely prioritise safety. We want everyone to get home from work safely each day. We have user-friendly systems for HSE reporting, and risk analysis has been successfully incorporated into activity planning. However, while efficient systems are one thing, it is at least equally important for HSE to be part of our DNA and corporate culture,” explains Alme.

Infratek also has a dedicated HSE manager in respectively Norway, Sweden and Finland. “These make frequent field and site visits and provide important support for our employees and help with the follow-up of suppliers. HSE work is not just a matter of deskwork. Therefore, we also make frequent safety inspections, in which employee representatives and company management participate,” reports Alme.

Infratek also has a Safety Committee, which reviews incidents that have either resulted in serious personal injuries, significant harm to the environment, major economic losses or production downtime, along with near misses that could have resulted in the same given slightly different circumstances. 


HSE manager at Infratek Norge, Stein Olav Lervik, right, visiting Statnett station in Skaidi, Finnmark county. On photo together with med Infratek-fitter Odd Agnar Drivvoll and Knut Hågensen, Statnett, head of security.

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