Environment and society

At Infratek we want to make a positive contribution to society, in line with the general perception of fairness and reasonableness.

We perceive our own operations and supply chain as a core area in our social responsibility. Our work within the area of corporate social responsibility includes how we relate to the environment around us, ethical trade and ethical guidelines for employees.



Ethics is about the value based commitment that each individual has to himself, his employer, colleagues and the community as a whole. In Infratek we put this on the agenda through a policy for ethical trading and ethical guidelines for our employees.

The ethical goals we set in Infratek cannot be achieved unless they are compatible with our employees' own values and norms. This means that our strategy can only be translated into action when the individual employees' values are appreciated and brought into balance with the values of Infratek.

Ethical trade
Infratek has initiated a follow-up of subcontractors to ensure that they comply with the obligations we have towards our customers and partners. Infratek sets ethical standards towards suppliers, were they commit themselves to do business in such a way that they do not violate internationally recognized principles and guidelines relating to human and labor rights, environment and corruption. Providers must also ensure that their own manufacturers and subcontractors do not violate these principles. Infratek requires that all purchasing should be of high environmental quality.

Internal code of conduct
The Infratek Code of Conduct applies to all employees, employee representatives and directors. The guidelines govern the conduct and actions, both in connection with business operations and in interactions with customers, partners and employees. The guidelines are considered a minimum requirement. All employees must follow external rules and regulations, industry code of conduct and internal regulations that apply to Infratek. The contents of the group's ethical guidelines should be made known to the staff, and the guidelines are continuously communicated internally to ensure that the guidelines are followed in the organization.


The individual employee's efforts are crucial in our business. All employees should know our ethical guidelines, and what they mean for the individual. Therefore, it is based on a principle that all new employees must read and familiarize themselves with the contents of Infratek ethical guidelines as they start working at Infratek.

Ethical requirements in procurements are a complex subject that requires updated knowledge. Those who implement the requirements must know what they mean, and they must know the methods of monitoring. To ensure the necessary expertise will be available in the organization, training programs for the procurement department is ongoing.

All employees should be familiar with our environmental policy and goals. Infratek has arranged for environmental education through e-learning. All employees undergo general training in various environmental issues, and aspects that are specific to the different business areas. By reviewing the work processes we perform, we have identified areas of particular risk. For Infratek this is:

  • Handling of chemicals
  • Disposal of hazardous waste
  • Transportation of hazardous waste


Infratek has almost as many vehicles at its disposal as it has employees – just over 1,400 in total. Our 1100 vehicles and over 300 trailers are vital for our ability to operate, maintain and construct critical infrastructures. The fact that our vehicles are indispensable for our capacity to respond in emergency situations, also determines the type of vehicles we must have.

For example, when there is a power failure, we must be ready to respond, no matter what the season, time of day or geographic location. Modern society depends on us being able to do our job quickly and efficiently, so that you have your power restored. Not all power cables and substations are located on city streets or paved roads. The majority of the work we do, whether in response to an emergency situation or not, takes place well off the beaten track. That is why most of our vehicles have four-wheel drive, a tow bar and a diesel engine. We must always be able to get where we need to go, with everything we think we will need. This often means bringing a trailer full of parts and tools. In which case, high torque and four-wheel drive are important. Particularly in the winter.

At Infratek, HSE (health, safety and the environment) is part of our DNA. The safety of those who are out working in all weathers and all driving conditions is crucial. Infratek employees must get to work and return home safely. This requirement is reflected in our fleet.

That is also why we lease all our vehicles. They are replaced every three years, or after 150,000 km. In this way, we ensure that we always have the latest available safety equipment, at the same time as the vehicles’ engines are more environment-friendly. We have set tangible environmental targets: Every year we will reduce our total emissions of carbon dioxide and NOx, and we will have a higher percentage of environment-friendly vehicles than LeasePlan’s average fleet.

In the Nordic region, Infratek is the market leader for the construction of charging stations for electric cars. However, our emergency response requirements for vehicles with four-wheel drive and tow bars mean that we currently do not have any electric cars in our fleet. Furthermore, almost all our call-outs are in response to power outages, which makes on-site recharging an impossibility. Nevertheless, Infratek aims to purchase electric vehicles with the necessary capabilities as soon as they are available in the Nordic market.

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