• Ellen Beate Wethal
    Ellen Beate Wethal

    How long have you worked at Infratek?
    I've worked here for 26 years. I started in Oslo Lysverker and has been in Oslo Energi, Sandviken Energi and Hafslund. So I came along when Infratek were spun off as a separate group.

    What do you do?
    I work as an accountant in Infratek, where my responsibilities include processing invoices, receipts and payments from customers.

    Why is Infratek a nice place to work?
    Job satisfaction is a critical factor for me. In the payroll and accounting department, I have many colleagues and we have a very good working environment. I think it's been interesting to be able to build up our own accounting department in Infratek. The use of new systems and solutions are interesting challenges.

  • Heidi Salonen
    Heidi Salonen

    How long have you worked at Infratek?
    I started in June 2009 after I had a semester's practice here during my professional training. Before qualifying as a production engineer, I worked with many different things, and I also have a degree in social sciences.

    What do you do?
    Operations Engineer for high voltage. I work with coordination of transformer stations in the Stockholm area. I also work as project leader for the fire alarm and suppression systems on all transformer stations for our two largest customers. I also do electrical security rounds.

    Why is Infratek a nice place to work?
    There is variation and motion in the job, with different challenges all the time. It is also important that you get the opportunity to work with other things in Infratek and you are able to try something new. Then you do not need to switch jobs to develop further!

  • Jukka Kesälä
    Jukka Kesälä

    How long have you worked at Infratek?
    I started working in the then Imatran Voima 34 years ago which was later Fortum, so I've been involved since the beginning.

    What do you do?
    The first 31 years I worked as an electrician. Today I work as a project manager, which entails that I organize the work, provide materials and develop tendering letters and reports. It is also part of my job to monitor the safety of the projects.

    Why is Infratek a nice place to work?
    I've worked here so long and have the chance to develop within the same company. Therefore I have no need to change jobs. I am very happy to work in Infratek!

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