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Infratek is looking for people who want to help shape tomorrow’s infrastructure! Ine Skarrud was one of last year’s summer intake. Her initial internship eventually led to the offer of a further temporary assignment as a business developer with Infratek.

Ine Skarrud applied for a summer internship with Infratek precisely because she wanted to put what she had learned about industrial economics at the University College of Southeast Norway into practice.

- I was hunting for a way to build up some relevant experience alongside my studies, she says.

- The job advert focused on strategy, project management and market research, all areas in which I have in-depth knowledge.

Wide range of tasks

For Infratek, it is very important that the students it engages have the opportunity to develop their skills in a range of different divisions. During the summer of 2016, Ine and the other summer interns mapped out Infratek’s business opportunities in areas such as port electrification, off-grid recharging stations for electric vehicles and wind farms.


- Together with four very nice and extremely smart electrical supply engineers, I worked on three different projects, Ine explains. - One was an analysis of the market potential for supplying vessels docked in port with onshore power. The second project focused on the technical aspects associated with developing and implementing off-grid recharging stations for electrical vehicles, particularly in the Norwegian market. The last project looked at whether Infratek should expand its market share in the modern wind power market. In the course of all three projects, we learned a lot about the power market in Norway, and the different technologies Infratek uses today. We also focused on which technologies Infratek could use in the future. And, not least, we learned a lot about what it’s like to work in the electricity supply sector.

Close follow-up

As a summer intern with Infratek, you will be followed up closely through the whole 6-week period, which lasts from mid-June to the beginning of August.

- We received plenty of follow-up throughout the summer, and we had the chance to take part in several field trips. If we needed more information about a topic, we were either helped by Infratek’s in-house resources or put in contact with relevant external experts. In the middle of the summer holidays, it was sometimes quiet at the office, but even then getting help and guidance was no problem, Ine Skarrud says.

Useful for Infratek

Leon Andeng, head of the technical training department, thinks that having summer interns at Infratek is very valuable.

- We benefit greatly from having students working here during the summer, he says. - It’s important for us to maintain close contacts with the academic community. In close cooperation with HR, we try and make every effort to ensure that the selection process is both fair and thorough.

Extended employment

After six weeks of challenges and a steep learning curve, Ine was offered a further temporary assignment with Infratek.

- On the last day of my summer internship, I was offered the chance to stay on for a bit longer as a business developer in the Distribution Grid Norway department, she says.

- There I worked with an LFS leasing service, the onshore power market and the development of emergency response services. It was a really great experience.

Summer internship 2017

As a summer intern at Infratek, you will have the chance to contribute towards our business development in important areas, such as the national and regional distribution networks, streetlighting and recharging points for electric vehicles. Ine has absolutely no regrets about her summer internship at Infratek.

- Working at Infratek was both challenging and highly educational, she says.

- Having the chance to work in the ‘real world’, tackling real issues, is completely different to solving a fictitious case at college. It was also extremely useful to get hands-on experience of working with engineers and exploiting our different competences to create a joint outcome.

The deadline for applying for this year’s summer internships is 1 March.





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