Winners of student competition in Sweden

The winners of the student competition Stora Infrastrukturpriset were congratulated on stage at the infrastructure day in Stockholm. The winners, Helena Homle and Elina Hederberg recieved a trophy and a check for 25 000 SEK. 

The jury said the following about the winning project; The winners have presented smart and concrete solutions for availability of the Swedish railway system. The study gives an overview where long term solutions and the customer’s role is highlighted.  

The competition was initiated by Infratek to increase interest among engineering students for the challenges facing Swedish infrastructure.

Infratek wishes to thank all contestants for their ambitious contributions; it has been a pleasure to be an active part in innovative solutions delivered by the future of the field. 


Alf Engqvist, CEO of Infratek Sweden, with the winners Helena Homle and Elina Hederberg.


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