Svensk Handel and Infratek Security in cooperation agreement

Svensk Handel and Infratek Security as signed a cooperation agreement that will give over 12,000 members access to the latest article surveillance technology at a beneficial price.

Svensk Handel is a member-driven organization with over 12,000 members and a total of 23,000 work places in wholesale and retail. The collaboration agreement between Swedish Handel and Infratek Security will enable for all the 12,000 members to take part of special offers from Infratek with the very latest within article surveillance, at a price that previously only have been available to large stores and supermarkets.

Infratek has the agency for the largest brands in both the traditional alarm technicians RF (Radio Frequency) and AM (acousto-magnetic) and provide custom tailored solutions. Infratek Security also runs the development of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).

- We chose Infratek as a partner because they have the right solutions at the right price and we look forward to be able to offer this to our members, says Per Geijer Security Manager at Svensk Handel.

Hans Molin at Infratek Säkerhet:
- The opportunity to work with Svensk Handel means a lot to us and it is a nice confirmation that we are delivering quality throughout the whole chain from design to installation and service, he says.

For more information, contact: 
Hans Molin, VD/MD Infratek Säkerhet Sverige
+46 8 564 727 13,



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