4th quarter 2012 earnings

Fourth quarter earnings and preliminary annual results 2012 for Infratek.

  • Operating revenues of NOK 837 million (NOK 906 million)
  • Fourth-quarter operating profit of NOK 54.0 million (NOK 34.8 million)
  • Satisfactory operating margin in Local Infrastructure and Security
  • Central Infrastructure shows signs of improvement
  • Satisfactory order book going into 2013
  • Equity ratio from 29.4 % to 47.1 % as a result of changes in actuarial assumptions for calculating pensions
  • Board proposes a dividend of NOK 1.5 per share

For further comments and key figures please see http://infratekgroup.com/investor

For further information, please contact:
Vibecke Skjolde, CFO: + 47 91 66 21 10


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