Infratek won Statnett contract

Infratek has signed a contract with Statnett SF concerning rehabilitation of Hamang substation located near Sandvika in Bærum, outside Oslo.

The contract includes groundwork, concrete work and installation work, and has a total value of 40-50 million NOK.

Large project for future electricity grid
Project Hamang is part of “Nettplan Stor-Oslo”. This is an overall plan for the renewal and strengthening of the central electricity grid in and around Oslo. The contract that Statnett and Infratek now has signed is one of five contracts in the Hamang project, in which Infratek is the main business partner. Infratek will coordinate all the other contracts that will be a part of the Hamang project.

- We are very happy with this contract. Statnett has considered Infratek being good on working interdisciplinary and in health, safety, environment and quality, which are areas being very important to Infratek, says manager for regional grid Infratek Østfold Lars-Erik Sundell.

The project is extensive, and many departments in Infratek will be part of the work.

- The Hamang project includes deliveries from Regional grid line, regional grid station, regional grid cable, reserve power, mechanical, construction and distribution. This will be a great arena for us to show our overall delivery strength, says Sundell.

Groundwork, concrete work and installation work
Some of the work Infratek will perform is setting up areas for all contractors, demolition of existing reactor coils, ground and concrete work, building of transformer shaft, foundations, cable channels, cable trenches and ducts. In addition to this work, Infratek will also stretch lines of 300 kV and 45 kV, install a 145 kV cable to a new GIS system, providing 400 V supply station, emergency generator and station transformer etc.

- We are looking forward to start working with this project. We will ensure that this becomes a delivery of high quality, which consolidates our position as a leading builder of critical infrastructure, says Sundell.

The startup of the project is already on 13th of March 2017, and it will run until autumn 2018.

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