Great help from summer temps

Tor Thorsrud Sporsem (23), Lars Eirik Eilifsen (26), Ine Skarrud (28), Kathrine Wiulsrød Lunder (26) and Fredrik Blom (24) spent the summer mapping Infratek’s business opportunities in the areas of wind farms, off-grid charging stations for electric vehicles and the electrification of ports.

“We see great benefit in having students in summer jobs here. It’s important for us to keep in close contact with educational institutions. We also try to have a thorough process in close cooperation with HR when we select our summer temps,” says Manager for Vocational Training Leon Andeng.

This year’s summer temps at Infratek see the thorough interview process as positive.

“I saw the exciting job ad on the Infratek website. Then I applied and was contacted by Infratek for a telephone interview. Everyone who moved forward in the process had to take a personality test, an aptitude test and go through a second interview. The second interview was incredibly exciting and challenging,” says Kathrine Wiulsrød Lunder (26), who has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Kathrine says they were given challenging tasks where they had the freedom to find their own solutions. “I ended up learning a number of things that I have not had time to focus on during my studies. The summer temps were a really good group,” she says.

Infratek places a lot of emphasis on giving summer temps the opportunity to experience positive professional development.

“The best thing about being a summer temp at Infratek is that we get a great overview of the company, from top to bottom. We have gotten to know all divisions and had many meetings with almost everyone at Alnabru. In addition, we have been included in a lot of exciting activities and it’s fun to see that everyone here is really eager to show you what they are doing!” says Fredrik Blom, who is getting ready to head back to NTNU in Trondheim.

Lars Eirik Eilifsen has one year left in his master’s in energy at the University of Bergen. He had the opportunity to use a lot of the theory from school in practice, both in terms of electrical engineering and project management. 
“It’s been fun to see that much of what I learned at school comes in handy. For me, it was also extra fun to be participate in on-site inspections of GIS systems (Gas Insulated Switchgear).”

Tor Thorsrud Sporsem, who is working on his bachelor’s degree in electrical power engineering at NTNU, adds: “Having access to so much expertise has really boosted my professional development and shown me the importance of the transfer of knowledge. Work is usually more motivating and inspiring when you can talk with the experts rather than ‘reinvent the wheel’ yourself. All this, together with close follow-up to help us focus on we wanted to learn more about has really given me a fantastic starting point for learning. It has been an exciting and educational summer.”
For Infratek, the experience with the five students has been entirely positive. In early August, the five summer temps will submit their reports on new business opportunities.

Ine Skarrud, who has one year left in her Master’s degree in industrial economics at the University College of South-East Norway, summarises her summer follows: 
“My summer job at Infratek has exceeded all my expectations. We were received with open arms wherever we went and whoever we met. I feel like we have become part of Infratek and that the company appreciates us being here. We were able to participate in almost every function in the company and gained a thorough understanding of what the various departments are doing. Infratek is definitely a place I’d like to work in the future!”

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