Electric bicycle for a more efficient workday

With work centered in downtown Oslo, the search for parking space was a time consuming process for Infratek’s fitters. Their solution was electric bicycles as a means of providing an efficient and environmentally friendly workday.

“Are both bikes fully loaded?” Asks Infratek's fitter, Pål Åge Østnor.

Østnor and colleague Stian Dahlum are about to start the working day in Oslo city center. In connection with the AMS project (Advanced Metering Systems project), Infratek’s fitters are in the process of troubleshooting multi instruments for Hafslund Nett, the owner of the regional power grid in Oslo. 225 substations are on the list, and almost half of them are centered in downtown Oslo.

“We have been through substations in Oslo city center during the AMS project earlier this year, and discovered that one of the biggest challenges was parking. It is getting harder and harder to find parking space in the city center. We notice in particular that many of the municipalities' parking are closed off, along with the political will in the capital. We spent a lot of time searching for parking, which was extremely inefficient”, says Stian Dahlum.

Own idea

When a new project located in the center was to be carried out, Dahlum and Østnor put their heads together and came up with the electric bike idea.

“We presented the suggestion to our project manager. He thought the idea was brilliant, checked prices and savings, and there was no doubt that electric bikes were favorable - and environmentally friendly. From there things moved fast, and a couple of days later two electric bicycles were ready to use.”

The fitters from Infratek stand with their bikes at the Cathedral in Oslo and look at the map of substations to be visited during the day.


“We save between 1 to 2.5 hours each day by using electric bikes. Now we manage to move quickly and efficiently in the city compared to when we used the car. By using bicycle, we are also able to come very near to the substations. The kind of job we are doing now just requires a few hand tools and the new multi instruments so we only need a backpack to carry with us the equipment. Therefore, it works brilliantly in combination with cycling," says Dahlum.

The fitters pack up the map and start biking. Three stations shall be visited before lunch, one in Oslo's main street Karl Johans gate, one at Akershusstranda at Oslo Harbour and one on Tøyen, at the east side of Oslo city center.



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