Cable giant to cooperate with Infratek

The Italian cable manufacturer Prysmian Group has entered into partnership with Infratek. The contract concerns cable work for upgrading of the power grid in and around Oslo.

- Infratek has solid specialist expertise in high-voltage cable work. That Prysmian, one of the world's largest cable manufacturers, has chosen to collaborate with Infratek's project department, helps to emphasize our expertise and experience, says Infratek Lars Bangen, CEO of Infratek.

To ensure a safer power supply in and around the capital, Statnett upgrades the grid between Smestad and Sogn in Oslo. On behalf of Prysmian Netherlands B.V will Infratek carry 24 cable drums of 45 tonnes to location, install 25 kilometers of cable in the tunnel from Smestad to Sogn, perform detailed projects and design steel structures for the cables as well as perform all cable extensions and terminations. Infratek is responsible for all coordination in the areas.

At Sogn Substation, Infratek will also install cable through a 40 meter long vertical shaft. The design and installation of tunnel lighting is also part of the contract.

Cable work in the tunnel will start January 2020.


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