• Lars Bangen
    Lars Bangen

    “To be the leading entrepreneur in critical infrastructure in the Nordics, we always innovate and adapt to the changing market situation. We shall lead the business in this new growth period.”

    Since 2013 Lars Bangen has held the position as CEO of Infratek. From the establishment of Infratek in 2007, he has held several leading positions in the Group. From 2004, Lars Bangen was Managing Director of Hafslund Entreprenør AS, and before that he was Division Manager for procurement at Hafslund Nett AS. In the period 2000–2002, he was Divisional Manager at Viken Energinett AS with responsibility for the distribution grids in Oslo, Asker and Bærum, and from 1998 he was manager of the distribution grid in Oslo. 



  • Vibecke Skjolde
    Vibecke Skjolde

    “Providing such a vital service to modern society, with over 2 million people dependent on us, we must always strive for the highest level of excellence in all areas, from management and finance to operations and throughout the line.”

    Vibecke Skjolde has been CFO at Infratek since June 2010. She joined the company from the position of head of a major efficiency programme for the Fjord1 transport group. Prior to that, Vibecke was Head of Advisory at Mirror Accounting – a company in the Lindorff Group. She has previously held the position of Head of Finances at Hurtigruten ASA and Hafslund ASA, and of finance manager at the energy companies Tindra AS, Din Energi AS and Vestfold Kraft AS. 



    In addition to CEO and CFO, division managers and staff leaders participate to various extent in discussions in the Group management team.

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