Bård Mikkelsen new Chairman of the Board of Infratek Group

Bård Mikkelsen is new Chairman of the Board of Infratek Group. Mikkelsen succeeds Lars-Ove Håkansson who will continue as a board member.


Bård Mikkelsen new Chairman of the Board of Infratek Group

- Bård has long, extensive leadership and board experience. He also has deep insight within the energy industry, says Lars-Ove Håkansson.

Bård Mikkelsen currently serves as Chairman of Havyard ASA and Clean Energy Invest. His long, industrial career includes serving as the CEO for Statkraft 2001–2010.

- I look forward to taking on the role as Chairman of the Board of Infratek. Over the past years, Infratek has had an impressing growth while doubling its profit. I will work to ensure the company continues on this successful path. We thank Lars-Ove for his contributions as Chairman in making Infratek an industry leader in its niche, says Bård Mikkelsen.

Infratek won Statnett contract

Infratek has signed a contract with Statnett SF concerning rehabilitation of Hamang substation located near Sandvika in Bærum, outside Oslo.

Infratek won Statnett contract

The contract includes groundwork, concrete work and installation work, and has a total value of 40-50 million NOK.

Large project for future electricity grid
Project Hamang is part of “Nettplan Stor-Oslo”. This is an overall plan for the renewal and strengthening of the central electricity grid in and around Oslo. The contract that Statnett and Infratek now has signed is one of five contracts in the Hamang project, in which Infratek is the main business partner. Infratek will coordinate all the other contracts that will be a part of the Hamang project.

- We are very happy with this contract. Statnett has considered Infratek being good on working interdisciplinary and in health, safety, environment and quality, which are areas being very important to Infratek, says manager for regional grid Infratek Østfold Lars-Erik Sundell.

The project is extensive, and many departments in Infratek will be part of the work.

- The Hamang project includes deliveries from Regional grid line, regional grid station, regional grid cable, reserve power, mechanical, construction and distribution. This will be a great arena for us to show our overall delivery strength, says Sundell.

Groundwork, concrete work and installation work
Some of the work Infratek will perform is setting up areas for all contractors, demolition of existing reactor coils, ground and concrete work, building of transformer shaft, foundations, cable channels, cable trenches and ducts. In addition to this work, Infratek will also stretch lines of 300 kV and 45 kV, install a 145 kV cable to a new GIS system, providing 400 V supply station, emergency generator and station transformer etc.

- We are looking forward to start working with this project. We will ensure that this becomes a delivery of high quality, which consolidates our position as a leading builder of critical infrastructure, says Sundell.

The startup of the project is already on 13th of March 2017, and it will run until autumn 2018.

Presence - Job satisfaction - Movement

Our business philosophy is; We build, operate and maintain critical infrastructure. This video, recorded in Hvaler municipality December 23rd last year, reflects in a good way our core values - Presence, Job satisfaction and Movement.

Presence - Job satisfaction - Movement

The values shapes the culture and define the nature of our company. They provide guidance in how to behave and how to make decisions:

At Infratek, we work hard every day to ensure that we are present for and visible to our customers and colleagues. In other words, we are committed, focused and determined in everything we do.

Job satisfaction
As a work and skills-intensive company, we place great emphasis on job satisfaction. Our employees are our most important resource. We respect one another, encourage one another and have a great sense of humour. Our goal is to inspire our staff to achieve our shared objectives and to cultivate the unique.

In order to remain a competitive and efficient organisation, we have to be flexible, and our willingness to adapt and to embrace change must always be clearly visible.

Infratek has bought a part of Helen´s Technical Services Division

Infratek Finland Oy has bought a part of Helen Ltd’s Technical Services Division – Electrical Maintenance with 30 employees.

Infratek has bought a part of Helen´s Technical Services Division

- The purchase is done to strengthens Infratek’s position in the Finnish energy market. And with their competence will we now also strengthens Infratek as a group, says CEO Lars Bangen.

The 30 Helen employees will be a part of Infratek from March 1st. The business provides basic electrical maintenance services for substations including switchgear and transformer maintenance as well as testing services. Furthermore, the organization provides services to GIS switchgear and tap changers as well as oil testing to transformers in addition to being the only operator with experience of providing 24/7 standby services for Helen’s substations. The business has significant experience of providing electrical relay protection and automation services for 400V to 110kV voltages.

Would you like a summer job at Infratek?

Infratek is looking for people who want to help shape tomorrow’s infrastructure! Ine Skarrud was one of last year’s summer intake. Her initial internship eventually led to the offer of a further temporary assignment as a business developer with Infratek.

Would you like a summer job at Infratek?

Ine Skarrud applied for a summer internship with Infratek precisely because she wanted to put what she had learned about industrial economics at the University College of Southeast Norway into practice.

- I was hunting for a way to build up some relevant experience alongside my studies, she says.

- The job advert focused on strategy, project management and market research, all areas in which I have in-depth knowledge.

Wide range of tasks

For Infratek, it is very important that the students it engages have the opportunity to develop their skills in a range of different divisions. During the summer of 2016, Ine and the other summer interns mapped out Infratek’s business opportunities in areas such as port electrification, off-grid recharging stations for electric vehicles and wind farms.


- Together with four very nice and extremely smart electrical supply engineers, I worked on three different projects, Ine explains. - One was an analysis of the market potential for supplying vessels docked in port with onshore power. The second project focused on the technical aspects associated with developing and implementing off-grid recharging stations for electrical vehicles, particularly in the Norwegian market. The last project looked at whether Infratek should expand its market share in the modern wind power market. In the course of all three projects, we learned a lot about the power market in Norway, and the different technologies Infratek uses today. We also focused on which technologies Infratek could use in the future. And, not least, we learned a lot about what it’s like to work in the electricity supply sector.

Close follow-up

As a summer intern with Infratek, you will be followed up closely through the whole 6-week period, which lasts from mid-June to the beginning of August.

- We received plenty of follow-up throughout the summer, and we had the chance to take part in several field trips. If we needed more information about a topic, we were either helped by Infratek’s in-house resources or put in contact with relevant external experts. In the middle of the summer holidays, it was sometimes quiet at the office, but even then getting help and guidance was no problem, Ine Skarrud says.

Useful for Infratek

Leon Andeng, head of the technical training department, thinks that having summer interns at Infratek is very valuable.

- We benefit greatly from having students working here during the summer, he says. - It’s important for us to maintain close contacts with the academic community. In close cooperation with HR, we try and make every effort to ensure that the selection process is both fair and thorough.

Extended employment

After six weeks of challenges and a steep learning curve, Ine was offered a further temporary assignment with Infratek.

- On the last day of my summer internship, I was offered the chance to stay on for a bit longer as a business developer in the Distribution Grid Norway department, she says.

- There I worked with an LFS leasing service, the onshore power market and the development of emergency response services. It was a really great experience.

Summer internship 2017

As a summer intern at Infratek, you will have the chance to contribute towards our business development in important areas, such as the national and regional distribution networks, streetlighting and recharging points for electric vehicles. Ine has absolutely no regrets about her summer internship at Infratek.

- Working at Infratek was both challenging and highly educational, she says.

- Having the chance to work in the ‘real world’, tackling real issues, is completely different to solving a fictitious case at college. It was also extremely useful to get hands-on experience of working with engineers and exploiting our different competences to create a joint outcome.

The deadline for applying for this year’s summer internships is 1 March.




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Investor information

Reference projects

Click the pictures below to read about some of our reference projects

Hafslund Nett
Sørum, Norway
Work done:
Building of overhead lines

Infratek has built overhead lines for Hafslund Nett in Sørum municipality. The lines are 22kV and stretches for 7.5 kilometers. 

- The lines we build is in total 7.5 km, says Erik Olsen-Ruud of Infratek.

Together with his colleagues Peter Haugland, Hågen Jellum and Arnfinn Bredesen he is bulding lines to give Sørum municipality a better power supply with the 22 kV distribution grid lines.

- In the project we have transported new poles, stones forfoundations, power lines and other materials on the special vehicle we use for such jobs. There was a lot of mud when we worked in the fall, but it was a little easier when it got colder at night, says Olsen-Ruud.

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Oslo - Svinesund, Norge
Work done:
Fast chargers for electrical vehicles

On commission from Ishavskraft and the Ishavsveien project, Infratek built the first full service charging stations in the world by the E6 motorway between Oslo and Svinesund in Norway. 

The solution involves several types of quick chargers at every charging point so that it is possible to charge all electric cars – irrespective of make.

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Stockholm, Sweden
Work done:
Operations and mainenance of the railway installations for Arlanda Express

Since 1999 we have worked with operation and maintenance at the railroad for Arlanda Express, the high speed train between Stockholm Central and Arlanda airport. 

- In this contract, we have the total responsibility, and this means high demands for service, availability and quality, says Leif Andersson, business developer for railways at Infratek.

The agreement was extended in 2012 and lasts until 2016.

Operation and maintenance contract with functional responsibility for engineering structures, tracks, electrical/aerial lines, signals and telecommunications. Telecommunications also covers passenger information systems (PIS), alarm supervision (SCADA), branch exchanges (PABX), closed-circuit television (CCTV), etc.

- We have had a long standing and close cooperation with Infratek, and we have had a common goal of being Sweden’s most accurate train operator. Arlanda Express has now kept this position for 10 years, says Per Thorstenson, CEO at A-train.


Work done:
Construction of connections

Framework agreement with Stokab concerning the construction of 170,000 connections. 

On commission from Stokab, we were involved in the construction of the largest open fibre network in Europe. The assignment involved contacting property owners to offer connection, project planning the network structure, and performing the actual channelisation and fibre work. 

Fortum Distribution
Work done:
Operation and maintenance of 20,000 transformer gauges and measuring systems

The assignment applies to all Fortum licenses in Sweden and includes building, repairs, accredited inspections and modifications of measurement systems that do not meet the requirements for measurement accuracy.

About us

Infratek employs around 1,350 people and is the leading total supplier in the Nordic region within building, operating and maintaining critical infrastructure. Our head office is in Oslo, and we have several offices across Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Infratek plays an important role in society by ensuring that the fundamental infrastructure functions appropriately. As an estimate, more than two million people in the Nordic region are dependent on the work we do for our customers every day. We deliver a broad range of services in the fields of power supply, railway systems and lighting.