Silver to Belinda

Infratek design assistant Belinda Ruokolainen partisipated in the Finnish national skill competetion for young student, and came back with a silver medal.

Silver to Belinda

– Infratek Finland Oy is proud to have Belinda as a part of our team. She is really a good ambassadeur to us. Well done Belinda! says CEO in Infratek Finland, Veera Höglund.

Belinda Ruokolainen competed in category ’201 Mech. Eng. CAD’ (CAD planering) at ”Taitaja 2017”. The skills competition is the largest vocational education event in Finland. Taitaja2017 in Helsinki gathered more than 500 competitors and 80 000 visitors, exhibitors and other co-operators. 

The annual Taitaja skills competition promotes vocational education, improves connection to entrepreneurs and companies and increases awareness about the quality of vocational education and professional skills. The competition also develops vocational education and international relations.

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Cruise ship project worth millions

Infratek to deliver photoluminescent escape guidance systems for two large international cruise ships.

Cruise ship project worth millions

The vessels, which are owned by MSC Cruises and Carnival Cruise Lines, are currently under construction at the Fincantieri shipyard in Italy. They are to be ready to commence sailing in 2018.

- These are large vessels Infratek will be supplying with photoluminescent escape guidance systems. In fact, this is the third-largest order InfraGlow has received for cruise ships via our agent in Trieste, relates Bjørn Geeves, Project Manager at InfraGlow.

Delivery of the escape guidance system for the two ships is scheduled to start at the beginning of June. Infratek is a full-service supplier of low-placed, photoluminescent, visual escape guidance systems and tactile systems. All products are marketed under the name of InfraGlow.

A growing sector

InfraGlow has been focusing on the maritime sector for many years. The last orders the company received were for the P&O Cruise flagship M/S Britannia, and for the passenger ferry Cap Finistère.

- We have recently completed the project planning and installation of photoluminescent escape guidance systems on board the Cap Finistère, which is owned by Brittany Ferries. It was an exciting and successful project, says Bjørn Geeves, who has 20 years of experience in the cruise sector himself.

The cruise and ferry industry is growing strongly, with the emphasis increasingly on large and specialised vessels.

- We have noted a remarkable upturn in construction activity in the maritime sector. Owners are focusing heavily on cruise ships and cruise holidays all over the world, from Asia to the Arctic region. Infratek is keen to be a significant supplier of escape guidance systems to the industry, both in Norway and abroad, he continues.

Infratek at Nor-Shipping

Nor-Shipping, the Norwegian trade fair for shipping, is considered one of the most significant and best-known events in the world for the seafaring industry. From 30 May to 2 June, Infratek will be showcasing its products at the trade fair in Lillestrøm.

- In partnership with Lyngsaa AS, we will be presenting light fittings and photoluminescent signs for the maritime sector. In addition, we will be demonstrating Infratek’s advanced skills in the field of thermal imaging. This is an area we already work in onshore, but which we are interested in expanding to include seagoing vessels as well, explains Bjørn Geeves.

New board member

Eli Skrøvset was elected member of the board in Infratek.

New board member

- Eli is a strong and valuable contribution to Infratek. I am very pleased that she has agreed to be a member of the board, says chairman Bård Mikkelsen.

Eli Skrøvset works as CFO and chairman of staff positions in Eksportkreditt Norge AS. Skrøvset is a board member of Avinor and E-CO Energi AS, and has previously held board positions in Statkraft, Evry ASA, the energy group BKK, Skagerak Energi AS and SN Power AS. She has a professional experience from Statkraft where she has been Chief Financial Officer, Head of Investment and Risk Analysis Department and Chief Financial Officer. Skrøvset also has a background from, among others, the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, and holds a degree in economics from the Norwegian School of Economics with specialization in internationalization and economic governance.

Two new board members

In the general meeting April 25th Beate Hamre Deck and Rikke Tobiasson Reinemo was elected members of the board in Infratek AS.

Two new board members

- Beate and Rikke have a profile and background that Infratek will benefit greatly. I am very pleased that they have agreed to be members of the board, "says chairman Bård Mikkelsen.

Beate Hamre Deck is Executive Vice President HR at Bane NOR SF. Prior to that she was HR Managing Director in business area Development and Production International in Statoil, where she also held the role of local representative at Statoil in Oslo. Hamre Deck has been member of the board in energy group BKK and has been a member of the “Arbeidsgiverpolitisk utvalg” in Energy Norway. She has previous work experience from Statkraft, where she has been both HR Managing Director and Internal Audit Director. She also have several years of experience from auditing and consulting company Arthur Andersen. Hamre Deck is a graduate economist with specialization in business administration at the University of Grenoble, France. At the same university she also has the Diplome d'Etudes Superieur Specialisee.

Rikke Tobiasson Reinemo runs her own investment business. She is also chairman of Mestergruppen AS and board member of Argentum Asset Mangement AS. Tobiasson Reinemo has also been chairman and member of Enoro Holding AS, and has been a board member of Stamina Group AS, Gothia Financial Group AS, Norsk Jernbanedrift AS and Pronova BioPharma ASA. She has previously been partner in Herkules Capital, and also has a background from the consulting and advisory company McKinsey. Tobiasson Reinemo graduated from BI Sandvika, Business Economist.

At the same time as Hamre Deck and Tobiasson Reinemo enter the board, Lars-Ove Håkansson resigns.


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Investor information

Reference projects

Click the pictures below to read about some of our reference projects

Hafslund Produksjon AS
Vamma, near Glomma in the Municipality of Skiptvet, Østfold
Work done:
Cooling and emptying the facility

Vamma 12 is the name of the new hydropower plant in Glomma, with an absorption capacity of 500 cubic metres of water per second. Infratek is responsible for cooling and emptying the facility.

In 2015, Hafslund decided to upgrade and expand Vamma hydropower plant in Glomma Production in Vamma currently amounts to 1,350 GWh per year, corresponding to fully 14 per cent of Oslo’s power consumption. The new unit will generate more than 1,000 GWh per year – 230 GWh of which will be completely new power, with the remainder replacing production from the old units. Vamma 12 delivers greater absorption capacity combined with improved efficiency; it also makes the power plant less vulnerable to outages and loss of production.

Infratek is tasked with installing around 900 metres of pipework in dimensions of 50 to 500 mm, with the associated bends and flanges. The system also features 23 shut-off valves and non-return valves. Moreover, Infratek is to deliver seven pumps in sizes from 2.4 to 170 kW, as well as two cooling water filters with automatic valves.

“Infratek is responsible for the cooling system for the entire facility and for the emptying system. Water cooling in such a huge hydropower plant requires all kinds of equipment, including storage and oil pressure units. Our job is to set up water intakes and to filter the water that flows in at various cooling points in the unit. The pumps we are to deliver will be used to empty drain water and cooling water from the basin,” explains Pål Hystad, fitter and team leader at Infratek.


“It’s is a heavyweight power plant that’s being built and expanded here. Vamma 12 features a head of 28.5 metres, and the absorption capacity of 500 cubic metres per second is simply enormous. By way of comparison, a standard household uses around 150–200 cubic metres of water per year,” he adds.

Welding work

Infratek employee Emil Glommen Engebretsen is busy joining and welding 6-metre-long sections of acid-resistant pipes that stretch up towards the top of the tall installation.


“The welding technique is called TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), which means that the pool crater and the electrode are protected by a gas flowing from the welding gun. The protective gas makes it possible to weld in an oxygen-free environment, preventing damage to the weld. The pipes that are being welded together are also filled with back gas – the acid-resistant pipes, that is,” says Glommen Engebretsen.

Installation of the pumps and emptying equipment is set to commence in winter, when the facility has begun to take shape and the various compartments have been poured and built.

Completion in 2019

Infratek has been working on the Vamma project since January 2017, and the project is scheduled to continue until autumn 2018, with follow-up running until May 2019.

“With the work we’re doing on this plant, we’ve had to be involved from the very start because we’re embedding all the pipes in concrete. It’s exciting to have Infratek involved in such a large construction project, where Vamma is cementing its position as the biggest hydropower plant in Norway,” concludes Pål Hystad.

The Vamma 12 project is scheduled for completion in spring 2019.

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Hafslund Nett
Sørum, Norway
Work done:
Building of overhead lines

Infratek has built overhead lines for Hafslund Nett in Sørum municipality. The lines are 22kV and stretches for 7.5 kilometers. 

- The lines we build is in total 7.5 km, says Erik Olsen-Ruud of Infratek.

Together with his colleagues Peter Haugland, Hågen Jellum and Arnfinn Bredesen he is bulding lines to give Sørum municipality a better power supply with the 22 kV distribution grid lines.

- In the project we have transported new poles, stones forfoundations, power lines and other materials on the special vehicle we use for such jobs. There was a lot of mud when we worked in the fall, but it was a little easier when it got colder at night, says Olsen-Ruud.

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Oslo - Svinesund, Norge
Work done:
Fast chargers for electrical vehicles

On commission from Ishavskraft and the Ishavsveien project, Infratek built the first full service charging stations in the world by the E6 motorway between Oslo and Svinesund in Norway. 

The solution involves several types of quick chargers at every charging point so that it is possible to charge all electric cars – irrespective of make.

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Stockholm, Sweden
Work done:
Operations and mainenance of the railway installations for Arlanda Express

Since 1999 we have worked with operation and maintenance at the railroad for Arlanda Express, the high speed train between Stockholm Central and Arlanda airport. 

- In this contract, we have the total responsibility, and this means high demands for service, availability and quality, says Leif Andersson, business developer for railways at Infratek.

The agreement was extended in 2012 and lasts until 2016.

Operation and maintenance contract with functional responsibility for engineering structures, tracks, electrical/aerial lines, signals and telecommunications. Telecommunications also covers passenger information systems (PIS), alarm supervision (SCADA), branch exchanges (PABX), closed-circuit television (CCTV), etc.

- We have had a long standing and close cooperation with Infratek, and we have had a common goal of being Sweden’s most accurate train operator. Arlanda Express has now kept this position for 10 years, says Per Thorstenson, CEO at A-train.


Work done:
Construction of connections

Framework agreement with Stokab concerning the construction of 170,000 connections. 

On commission from Stokab, we were involved in the construction of the largest open fibre network in Europe. The assignment involved contacting property owners to offer connection, project planning the network structure, and performing the actual channelisation and fibre work. 

About us

Infratek employs around 1,350 people and is the leading total supplier in the Nordic region within building, operating and maintaining critical infrastructure. Our head office is in Oslo, and we have several offices across Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Infratek plays an important role in society by ensuring that the fundamental infrastructure functions appropriately. As an estimate, more than two million people in the Nordic region are dependent on the work we do for our customers every day. We deliver a broad range of services in the fields of power supply, railway systems and lighting.